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Empty churches, a waste of space? 


We live in an increasingly secular society, causing many churches in the Netherlands to be left vacant, or in financial trouble due to decreasing activities and members. Meanwhile, young generations are more and more searching for (secular) meaning in life and in work. Can we use old churches as new sites for secular reflection? 


Together with Sander and Stephan Ummelen from consultancy ValuesDriven (Waardengedreven) specialized in engaging companies on the search for meaning, we are reimagining the role of churches within contemporary society. 


We believe strongly that in order to preserve this important part of Dutch (and European) religious cultural heritage on the long term, we must engage a diverse, young, and broad segment of local communities for their management and use. To do this we need to involve local communities and give them a real voice in adding meaning to religious heritage, as well as help current management explore innovative ideas on the role of religious heritage sites in today’s society.

More information on our strategy can be read here (in Dutch):